German driving license questions in Arabic


Driving license The ingenious system for learning the driving license – class B, in addition to the driving school.

FS driving certificate: the path to the driving certificate

So that nothing stands in your way of passing the driving test, we have developed an innovative learning system that helps you prepare well for the TÜV or DEKRA theory test.

In the app you will find all official exam questions. You can choose the quiz you want to learn from.

The latest quiz is available to you just like the previous version.
Depending on your test date, you can simply download the relevant driving license questions.

We have:
✔ Driving license (class B)
✔ The app supports 3 languages
✔ Test mode – this is what the real test looks like in TÜV

Driving license 2019/2020 in Arabic
driving license 2019/2020 in german
Driving license 2019/2020 in English

driver’s certificate examination
apply for driving license
offline license

The theory test layout, all questions, images and videos are licensed by TÜV and are also used in the theory test.
Driving license 2020

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