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Amending a driving license in Germany

In order to be able to drive inside Germany, you must replace the foreign driving license in some cases, such as losing the passport or having a foreign license.

The period allowed for those coming to Germany to use their foreign driving certificate varies, and the period may be more than ten years, depending on the place of its issuance, whether from inside or outside Europe.
This varies by state.

When there is a foreign driving certificate, how is it converted to a German driving license:

It should be noted that a resident of Germany can drive with his foreign license for a period of six months before obtaining a German driver’s license in addition to the driver’s license he owns, and he can translate the driver’s license he owns into German or exchange it.

When the license expires in Germany and he holds a European driving license, he will not be subjected to any of the tests.

What are the procedures when the non-German driving license expires and amends it?

There are some few cases in a number of states that the amendment of this certificate is accepted by the Traffic Department and it is amended.

Special treatment for driving certificates extracted from a European country and amended in Germany

You can exchange it for a German license and you do not need to undergo any driving test, whether theoretical or practical. On the other hand, some countries require a theoretical or practical exam, and perhaps both.

What are the advantages of amending a driving license to Germany:

This process saves you the expenses of driving lessons, and you are not required to drive for a trial period, and therefore you can benefit from car insurance.

What are the steps to modify the driver’s license to Germany:

First, you have to go to the driving school after asking the Traffic Department about the feasibility of taking the theoretical and practical exam

The Arabs, in particular, are forced to take the theoretical and practical exam for the driving examination, and the program or application of the questions is taken from the school.

Because it is distinct from others, and the modification fee for the driver’s license upon failure ranges between 600-900 euros.

And after sending the invoice by the TÜV or DEKRA authority, before you go to take the practical driving test, and when the modification of your certificate is successful, you must go to the Traffic Department to exchange and give them your Arab license and get the German license instead, and so your license will remain in their possession, and if you want to restore it, you have to Receive the German license before that.

Information about driving foreign cars inside Germany

When you bring a car to Germany, you can drive it with foreign plates for a period of more than a year, but in the end you need licensed German plates, so you have to register the car and thus exchange the driver’s license.

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