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Converting a driving license into German

Concerning the existence of a foreign driving license to convert it to a German driving license:

A resident of Germany can drive with his country’s license for a period of 6 months before obtaining a German license in addition to the international license. The foreign license can be translated into German, and the foreign license can be exchanged.

If it expires in Germany and the holder of a European driving license is not subject to any tests.

Expiration of the foreign driving certificate in Germany and its amendment
There are some rare cases or some German states that accept the Traffic Department and amend it if the certificate was valid when you first entered Germany for the first time and now, for example, it has expired…

Driving certificate from a European country and amended in Germany
You can exchange it for a German license without the need to take a theoretical or practical exam. On the other hand, there are countries that are required to take a theoretical or practical exam, or both.

Benefits of modifying a driving license to Germany:

Save driving lessons fees, avoid the trial driving period, and benefit from car insurance.

Procedures for amending a driving license to Germany:

Go to a driving school after inquiring from the Traffic Department about the importance of taking the theoretical and practical test

Arabs in particular are obliged to take it, and the school provides a book of theoretical questions. It is advised for travelers to Germany to seek the help of a specialized coach, even if he is a professional, to get acquainted with the German driving style.

Because it is of a special nature, and the fees for amending the license in case of failure range from 600-900 euros.

The invoice that will be sent by the TUV or Deck Authority must be submitted before going to take the practical test, and after the success of the modification, the traffic department will be sent to hand over the Arab driving license and receive the German license.

 Types of driving certificates in Germany: Fahrerlaubnisklasse

License to drive a motorcycle in Germany

Fahrerlaubnisklasse AM:

It is given as a license to small motorcycles, whose maximum speed is 45 km/h

Class A1, A2, and A are also given as a license for motorcycles, but according to the speed and power of the engine.

Driving license in Germany

Class B is given to regular PKW vehicles with a weight of 3500 kg

Class BE is also given to normal cars that are connected to a trailer with a weight of 750 kg

Truck driving license in Germany

If the locomotive is less than 750 kg, then Class B is sufficient

C, C1, C1E, CE series give LKW vans and trucks

License to drive agricultural vehicles in Germany

Class L is taken by farm and trailer vehicles with a weight of 40 kg

Class T is also given to agricultural vehicles and small locomotives

Here I will put for you the official link to a table from the Ministry of Transport containing all the details of the categories and also their old designations, as well as the new ones. For those who wish to enter the most accurate details, you will find it in this link from the official website:

Driving tips in Germany: Alcohol is not allowed.
Drivers during the probationary period are prohibited from consuming alcohol
It is forbidden to drink it for a person who is over 21 years old

Bus or taxi drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol
If 0.3% of alcohol is found in the blood, it is not considered a violation

Reasons for withdrawing a driver’s license in Germany

Very important tips and information from the official website of transport in Germany. There is a list of financial fines in German, and the English language is also available on the website. Here are the most important laws.

Obtaining an international driving license in Germany:

It is issued quickly as soon as the application is submitted to the Traffic Department, and its fee is estimated at 15 euros, along with bringing a passport or identity card, a personal photo, and a national driving license, and it is valid for at least three years.

Important note:

A taxi driver’s license is not issued unless he is 21 years old and has not been subjected to judicial rulings. He must have held a category B license for two years, and he must undergo a medical examination.

These conditions must also be met to obtain the Fzf-Schein or P-Schein certificate.

When does the driving card expire in Germany:

The driving license in Germany is valid for 15 years, after which it is replaced with a new card after its expiration date. Did you know before 19 . 3. 2013, the driver’s license was valid forever.

There is a decision that cards issued before this date expire on the 19th. 3 . 2033.

Providing practical hours for a driving license in Germany

Prices are close or similar in most schools, for example, the price per hour is 35 euros

And in Autobahn, the motorway means 45 euros

The way I followed it, in most German cities there are car training centers, which is a very large area

The entrance fee per two hours is about 10 euros

There are people specialized in this work in an hour, they take about 15 euros to train you or help you in driving ..

If you have a neighbor or friend who offers you this service for free, you certainly fill him with fuel. I did this method.

In this way, you learn quickly and at a very low price compared to the prices of driving in school, which are very, very expensive.

Thus, many practical hours are provided for the driving certificate in Germany

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