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Driving license in Germany is the easiest way to obtain it

Driving license in Germany is the easiest way to obtain it.. Driving license in Germany is an important matter and it has become necessary for any German to learn German driving license if he meets the legal age.

As the car is one of the basics of life, especially in European countries, where we find a large number of immigrants who do not have a driving license, so you find them in constant distress with means of transportation, especially when you find them living in places far from transportation.
This made the European Union countries facilitate the driver’s license for immigrants until the Arabic language was included in the driving test.
Today, in this article, we will discuss the easiest ways to obtain a driving license in Germany

I have a driver’s license for my country. How can I get a driver’s license in Germany?

Many immigrants find themselves having a driving license for their countries of origin, and here you find them wondering if it is possible to change it with another German driving license?

In answer to this question, the answer will be in the affirmative. Yes, it can be changed with a German driving license, and you only need to go to the municipality to which you belong.

Where you will find an office for changing driving licenses to and from German driving licenses.
And you, immigrants, should know an important information that you must not exceed 180 days without changing your driver’s license, otherwise this license becomes invalid, and you must pass the driving test in Germany as if you do not have a driver’s license

You do not have a driver’s license and you want to obtain a driver’s license in Germany, what are the conditions?

There are some immigrants who do not have a driver’s license and want to pass the driving test in Germany.

Visa Tels has done a set of research on the conditions for a driving license in Germany, which we summarize as follows:

Compulsory availability of the residence card in all its forms

Here, you must strive to search for schools to learn driving, and you should know that a group of driving schools offer lessons in the Arabic language

The need to learn how to do first aid, and it varies according to the type of driving, and often the times are within the range of 8 hours, either within two days or one day.

Measuring the power of vision based on a medical examination.
A personal photograph.

And when you want to enroll in the driving school, you will be told what you need to do and what documents you need to bring

Can I pass the driving test in Germany in Arabic?

Arab immigrants often ask, Is it possible to pass a test in Arabic? I tell you, yes, it has become possible since October 2016. This law has entered into force regarding the possibility of passing it in Arabic.
Driving laws can be learned from a collection of books in Arabic to teach driving and adopt them as a reference. And if you want to study one of the best books on the Internet, we will put a link for you

The cost of obtaining a driving license in Germany
There is a lot of gossip about the total price of a driving license in Germany, but in general, the price is in the best conditions, we find it confined to 1500 euros to 2000 euros as the largest price.

If you fail, the cost will increase somewhat, as you will be forced to add hours to pass the exam again.

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