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New conditions for obtaining a driving license in Germany 2022 Führerschein

Obtaining a Führerschein driving license in Germany is one of the most important things that you must do upon your arrival in Germany. We explain the most important questions related to obtaining a driving license in Germany.

Types of driving certificates in Germany

In Germany and other countries in the European Union, there are several types of driving certificates in Germany. Let us know them as follows:

  • Motorcycle and motorbike driving license (categories A1, A2, A)
  • Car License (Class B)
  • Truck License (Class BE – Classes C, C1, C1E, CE)
  • bus licence
  • Tractor and forklift license (Class T – Class L)

The papers required in order to register for a category B driver’s license

  1. travel document;
  2. German residency;
  3. Translation of the Syrian driving certificate or from any other country outside the European Union, if any (approximately 30 euros);
  4. enroll in a driving school (ask carefully about the best driving school in your city) in order to learn to drive;
  5. an eye test (approximately 7 euros);
  6. A first aid course (about 6 hours in one day) (approximately 30 euros);
  7. Personal Photos.

You submit the papers to the leadership office, and it will prepare them for you and take the required procedures.

What is the appropriate age to obtain a German driving license:

The age of the holder of the license must be at least eighteen years old, although it can be granted to anyone who has reached the age of seventeen years, provided that there is an accompanying person holding certificates for the following license categories A1, B, BE, C, C1, C1E, CE

What is the cost of a driving license in Germany?

Pay 250 euros to enroll in the school. (Prices vary from one school to another)

The theoretical test fee is 25 euros in Berlin. In other provinces, the exam price is within 100 euros (prices vary from one school to another)
Practical test fee of 200 euros (prices vary from one school to another)
Paying an hourly driving fee of 45 to 60 euros (prices vary from one school to another)

Pay 6 euros for an eye examination certificate
Pay 40 euros for a first aid course
Traffic Department application fee of 50 euros

Pay 40 euros for the study course
The examination fee, by TÜV or DCR, is 110 euros

Total approximately:

1700 – 2300 euros in the case of submitting the certificate from the beginning (that is, without modifying the Arabic certificate)
750 to 1650 euros in case of modification (modifying the certificate from Arabic to German)

note :

Prices differ between all states in Germany, meaning prices differ between each school in general, whether registration prices, practical hours, and others

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