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A foreign tourist has the right to drive regular cars without buses or trucks with a driving license issued to him from his country. This will be valid for a limited period of six months, and it may be extended for a year. In order to avoid complications, it is recommended that the driving license be translated into German or English and notarized by an official authority. And those who take residence in Germany for a long period must replace the national license with a German license. It may be necessary, according to the provisions of the state in which he lives, to pass a driving test. As for those who intend to drive a car for a long time, if they travel to several European countries, they must obtain an international driving license from their country. German traffic laws also require everyone to wear seat belts and abide by all instructions, otherwise they will be subject to a financial fine or other penalties up to the withdrawal of the German driving license, especially during the first two years after obtaining the German license, as it is considered a probationary period, and whoever wants to drive cars in Germany to be aware of the resulting danger and to have a valid insurance outside his country as well.

What are the steps required to obtain a private driving license in Germany if there is no previous license?

To obtain it, you must fulfill a number of conditions and pay a certain amount for each step. First, registration in a driving school office, and the initial fee costs 185 euros, which entitles you to attend 14 theoretical lessons, and you need to prove your attendance in all of them to allow you to submit the theoretical examination. After completing these lessons, you are allowed to apply for the theoretical examination, which requires you to pay 50 euros to the office in addition to the amount of 20.83 euros you pay to DEKRA, which is the German organization responsible for driving licenses and periodic examination of cars.

What are the number of hours of training required to be ready to take the practical exam?

An unlimited number of hours (which is 45 minutes and not a full hour) may reach 25 hours for which you will pay 28 euros per hour, and it may decrease according to your previous driving experience.
In addition to 5 hours of driving between cities, paying 33 euros per hour, 4 hours on the motorway (autostrad), paying 34 euros per hour, and 3 hours of night driving, 37 euros per hour.

And are there other fees when applying for the exam?

Yes.. you have to pay 85 EUR for the office plus 84.97 EUR for DEKRA.

Are there fees or other conditions?

Yes, you have to pay 50 euros at the municipality or Burgersamt to obtain a Fahrerlaubnis driver’s license, in addition to an eye examination that costs about 4-8 euros, with a certificate of participation in a first aid course worth about 15-25 euros, as well as a recent biometric photo (personal).

How much does the exam cost in total?

It costs between 1200-1700 euros, depending on your driving experience and your ability to pass the exam the first time.

But a person may say that he has a driving license and wants to exchange it. Is that permissible?

Yes, it is permissible, but it is not that simple, as you must first translate your certificate into German and obtain the approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Auslander) in addition to the previously mentioned driving license, then the person himself determines the number of practical hours that he wants to train on, and he can submit the exam directly.

In this case, is the practical exam taken without the need for theory?

Of course not… To obtain the license, you need to pass both theoretical and practical exams.

What are the fees I also have to pay?

For the theory exam, 50 euros for the office, in addition to the amount of 20.83 euros for DEKRA.
For the practical exam, the amount of 85 euros, in addition to the amount of 84.97 euros for DEKRA.

Does this apply to certificates issued by other Arab countries?

Yes.. All Arab countries and countries outside the European Union are subject to the previous procedures.

But are you allowed to exchange it if it is expired?

It is not permissible… To replace it, it must be within the validity period.

So, in conclusion, how much does it cost to replace a driver’s license?

In the best case, it costs 300 euros… and the number increases if you have to train for more hours or if you do not pass the exam the first time.

Does my current language allow me to pass the exam?

This is a personal thing. You may not hold any certificate in the language, but you may pass the exam because of your good understanding of the German language, and vice versa, you may have a B2 level and you will not pass the exam..It is personal up to you

Approximate prices vary according to the state, according to the training center, and according to the number of practical training sessions that the trainee needs
The German Federal Ministry of Transportation has issued a ministerial decision banning the use of Arabic and six other languages in the theoretical exam for obtaining driving licenses in all German states. The decision was issued at the end of last year and has been implemented since January 1, 2011
It means that the test has become in English with other languages.

This is a site that helps you train to pass the exam. All you have to do is specify the type of license. It contains more than 900 questions.

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