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Driving license in Germany in Arabic

Driving license in Germany in Arabic, in addition to questions about the driving certificate in Germany in Arabic

A driving license in Germany is an official document, and the owner has the right to drive all types of cars. Practical and theoretical tests can be passed in Arabic. For cars, it’s 18 and 17 with a mentor, it’s 16 for bikes and 21 for buses and trucks.

Driving license in Germany

A German driver’s license card is valid for 15 years. Once it expires, it will be replaced with a new card. Previously, the German driver’s certificate was valid for life, especially before January 19, 2013, after which a decision was issued, expiring on January 19, 2033. For more details click here.

Papers required for a driving license in Germany

To obtain a driving certificate in Germany, you must enroll in a driving school, you need the following documents:

  • German travel document;
  • residence in Germany;
  • A translation of the fidelity certificate, if any;
  • enrollment in Swaqa school;
  • completion of a first aid course;
  • an eye exam (optometry);
  • 3 x 4 personal photo.

Then send the papers and documents to the leadership office and carry out the necessary procedures.

Most driving schools offer you websites or programs to study the questions of the theoretical driving test in Germany, at prices ranging from 40 euros to 150 euros, depending on the site that provides the questions. It offers 500 free questions, and all questions are 9.99 € per month, 13.99 € for 2 months, 15.99 € for 3 months.

How to obtain a driving license in Germany

Obtaining a driving license in Germany is possible after passing the theoretical driving test and the practical driving test, but a vision test must be taken and a first aid course must be completed before that, which takes approximately eight hours.

Driving certificate exam in Germany

We will talk in detail about the theoretical and practical sections. Read also: Free German driving certificate questions in Arabic | All driving license questions are constantly updated.

Theoretical driving certificate exam in Germany

The theoretical driving test is conducted using a computer, and the test consists of text questions, pictures, videos, or filling in the blanks.

The theoretical driving test questions in Germany consist of approximately 1075 questions, and new driving questions are constantly added, at a rate twice a year, and they are, as mentioned previously, text questions, pictures, videos, or filling in a blank. For more details, driving license in Germany | Complete and comprehensive information about driving license in Germany.

Practical driving certificate exam in Germany

After passing the mandatory number of hours of practical training with the instructor, you will be ready for the practical driving test. The mandatory practical training hours are: 12 hours private driving, 5 hours on the country road, 4 hours on the motorway. 3 hours at night.

Also, at the end of the training and you get an appointment, you will go with the driving instructor to the test site in the same car that you trained in. You will meet with the examiner and he will ask you several questions about the car and then he will sit in the back with the instructor next to you and the practical test will start.

The examiner will ask you to drive, turn, and head to the highway and different roads. He will also monitor your driving style and mistakes, and then you will return to the test site, and he will tell you the result. The duration of the practical exam is from 30 to 45 minutes. Your coach is not entitled to speak or help unless you pose a danger to others. If you make a big mistake, the examiner will tell you directly that you failed, even if the allotted period has not ended.

When the period ends and you return to the test site, you will get your result directly, either pass or fail.

Questions about the driving certificate in Germany in Arabic

Many ask, is the driving license available in Germany in Arabic?

There are more than 10 languages ​​used in the theoretical exam, and in 2016 the Arabic language returned again as an official language, so you can now memorize the questions of the driving certificate in Germany in the Arabic language, and obtain the driving license in Germany in the Arabic language, not in the literal sense. It is easy to pass the theoretical exam in Arabic.

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