The application for buying and selling new and used cars is free download is a perfect app for car enthusiasts looking to buy a new or used car.
Or if you are someone who wants to keep up with the latest car news and recent innovations in the making.
If you have a passion for learning about the specifications of a particular type of car, the development of its production, and the success it has achieved in the world of cars.
With the app, you will find all that and more.
In the application, you will find the wide scope to choose your favorite car, among more than 1.4 million cars registered within the application.
The app is Germany’s largest online car market, offering the most luxurious and latest cars. And also popular and used cars. Inevitably, you will find your request within the application.
All cars registered on the site have an integrated database about the origin, date of production, and all that the buyer is interested in knowing about the car.
In addition to cars of all kinds, the application also provides various types of vehicles, motorcycles and motorcycles.
If you want to sell your car, or exchange it for another, within the application you will find the best selling and exchange opportunities at fair prices.
You can easily estimate the appropriate and real price of your car before selling.
Periodic filtering is done within the application so that cars that have expired have been excluded, and all new cars that have been recently registered are included. application features

  • The application provides you with a huge database of huge numbers of new and used cars.
  •  A number of various sections have been listed that make it easier for you, dear user, to access the required section quickly and easily.
  • The application provides you with the ability to quickly filter and filter the choices, so you go directly to where you want.
  • The app provides you with the latest information about the automotive world, with accurate details on each car.
  • Dear user, you can download and install the application for free without incurring any financial burdens related to taxes in Germany.
  • Dear user, through the filter feature, you can exclude what is not in your circle of interest and focus on what interests you only. You can also specify the type, condition, and year of manufacture of the car, so that it will be shown to you in detail.
  • Very simply, you can complete the sale or purchase process through the application.
  • Through the application, you can communicate directly with the seller and discuss all the details.
  • You will not find it difficult to make comparisons between the cars offered, and to determine the favorite among them.
  • Offer your car for sale within the application, as it allows you to display and place your advertisement, as well as physical pictures of your car, explaining all its details, and estimating the asking price.
  • You can link the application with various means of communication, and the participation of friends and learn their opinio application specification

  • Small size application compatible with all operating systems.
  • Attractive and easy to use interface, you can register in it easily.
  • Provides a number of sections that serve as a guide for the user.
  • The user can activate notifications to know about the best new deals offered within the application.
  • There is a modern and advanced search window that provides the user with ease in obtaining his request, without wasting more time.
  • The application saves you the costs of making an advertisement to sell your car, where you can add your advertisement with a full explanation of the condition of the car, add pictures of it, and also estimate the required price.
  • The site is supervised by a professional technical support team, who introduces updates to the application first-hand, tests its efficiency, follows up users and solves their problems around the clock.
  • The application enables you to make the necessary amendments to your ad, and you can also delete it completely once its purpose has expired.
  • The application provides the opportunity to interact with what is displayed in the various sections and to declare their opinion on everything that is displayed within the application.

Application Sections

Application interface:
It contains an introduction to the application and its various sections, and the way to register and benefit from it.
Favorites section:
Where you can learn about the best offers and save the right one for you in the Favorites section for later reference.
Save and compare section:
This section allows you to save more than one selection and make a comparison between them.
Recent shows:
It contains the latest releases, additions, important offers, and in-app discounts.
Quick Search:
This section gives you quick access to what you are looking for by entering some information about the required vehicle or vehicle.
A special section for selling your car
It displays all the details of interest to the buyer, an accurate picture of the car’s condition, and illustrations of it. Don’t forget to add the technical information about the vehicle license and renewal dates. You must add to your ad the means of communication with you, such as your phone number and email.
User reviews section
It is considered one of the important sections, through which developers follow up on opinions, solve problems, and make important updates to the application in accordance with the wishes of users.
Application technical specifications
• The size is variable to match the type of Android phone or iPhone.
• Operating System: Compatible with all operating systems.
• Download the application from the Google Play Store
• Download the application from the App Store
• The application supports both English and German languages.
• Number of downloads: more than 10 million times.
• The developer company:

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