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Speeding up is a common thing that people end up doing at some point in their lives. They may do it on purpose for a fun experience or accidentally when in a hurry. But the police monitor the vehicle at high speed. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get a speeding ticket.
In this case, you need some handy software such as a radar detector. With this software installed in your vehicle, you can easily find out which places don’t have police cars waiting on the side of the road for speeding.
And in case the police are around, you can slow your vehicle down just enough so they don’t become suspicious. But which radar detector is right for you? You can find out by reading this review of the 10 best radar detector apps for Android and iOS.
Let’s talk about this smartphone application software first. Conventional radar detectors have increasingly lost popularity since their release as mobile software. This software is available for Android and iOS smartphones. And since it is free and portable to your phone, it has encouraged more people to download it.
Basically what these radar detectors do is alert the police near you. That way you know you can’t speed up. This information is shared by other drivers using the same application.
Some radar detectors may be hidden in your vehicle and still connected to your smartphone. In general, the connection is made via Bluetooth. You don’t need to touch your detector because you get all your information on your phone screen.
Below are the top 10 speed camera finder apps you should check out for your Android or iOS:


Waze is an excellent speed camera detection app that also has GPS capabilities. Your data is transmitted and shared in real time and provides important information such as nearby accidents, traffic, hazards, best routes, etc. And even locate or detect speed cameras, law enforcement or police camera locations.
A nice feature is that the app even contains music that you can listen to directly after setting it up. Most other GPS or radar detector apps only allow you to use the app in the background so you can listen to music and do other things.
Moreover, Waze even provides information about the nearest gas stations. So when you’re about to run out of gas, Waze alerts you to nearby gas stations and directions to get there.
This application does not work hands-free, but at least it consumes less battery on your phone. It provides information in the most accurate and fastest way. The app is also compatible with Android Auto so you can view it on your vehicle’s dashboard.

     2. GLOBE

GLOB is a radar detection system designed to detect GPS, traffic, radar and speed limits. It is the type of radar detector application software designed for user’s convenience. This makes it the most user-friendly and comfortable app in seconds.
It not only detects speed cameras, speed guns and the police; it also detects traffic ahead of you so you can decide on a different route if you’re in a rush. The maps in this app are also very modern. Maps are available in 2D and 3D formats so you can get much more information and detail about an area.
In addition, GLOB is a community detection system. The app notes what it finds on the drive, which helps the app’s community help other users.
Additionally, it has a colorblind mode for colorblind people who cannot see the color indicators on the maps; It also has a biker mode for people who use a motorcycle or bicycle radar detector.
Unfortunately, this app requires an internet connection to use, which drains your battery faster. But the downside here is that it has a lot more features than any other radar detector app.

      3. Speed cameras

The speed camera software is designed to only detect speed cameras on the road. And the type of cameras it is designed to detect are red light cameras, speed cameras, speed guns, etc. You can also detect nearby police cars. And it even has a night mode feature.
Moreover, it also has an additional map and radar view mode, but they need an internet connection if you want to get information from these modes. The best part of this app is that it is updated every day.
The police will never catch you for using old information. If there is a change in the country’s systems, Speed Cameras Radar will update its database accordingly.
This radar application consumes very little battery power of your smartphone. It was created as an international app, so no matter where you go with your vehicle and your phone, the app will automatically update and adapt to that area.

        4. Load iRadar

Cobra iRadar is the world’s largest community radar detection app. This speed camera detection system allows you to connect with other iRadar users so that you can share and receive speed cameras. It shows very specific positions on the radar with precise directions. And it even has voice alerts.
As it is community based, users share information about certain fonts, speed cameras and other issues with other iRadar users. This app even syncs with your clock and calendar to help manage and alert you to meetings and appointments, as well as provide directions to meeting locations.
Another great advantage of Cobra iRadar is that there are no ads when the application is opened. This increases the usage of the application as there are no interruptions. It also saves the user from stress. It guarantees a 360 degree protection system and has a Cobra AURA speed system.

     5. Live Escort

Escort Live radar is a famous radar detector application software that has won awards for its unique design and detailed functionality. It is a very old app but with updated features to fit modern times.
Although the interface looks like an old format, you can still get the same necessities like map, compass, speed limit detector, voice notifications, radar detectors, etc. And since it’s an old-school interface, it won’t look as complicated as modern apps created today.
It’s easier to read and you can master it faster. Its control panel is also customizable. This app is free but also offers premium features for those who wish to officially purchase an app subscription. It also has a cloud server where all its user data is stored.
Also, it provides various alerts about speed checks, traffic check cameras and real-time alerts from other Escort Live users. It has a branded network designed for data sharing and another branded feature that provides reminders of marked threats in certain areas. Its GPS is even patented.

      6. radar bot

Radarbot application software interface is very easy to use and very functional. It alerts you to oncoming traffic and lets you know when you need to leave a certain location so you don’t want to get stuck in traffic and be late. The app detects cameras such as traffic light cameras, tunnel cameras, ANPR cameras, etc.
Moreover, the app also offers different themes for user preference and has a vibration mode for bikers. The best part about this app is that it has flexible display options. Even though it is not a popular app, it still provides accurate information for the few users it has.
Radarbot also does something most other apps don’t, although they should. What Radarbot does is collect data from real radar detectors and integrate it with Google Maps software to provide up-to-date and accurate information.

      7. Radar Beep

Radar Beep app offers a very simple, simple and attractive interface. And the app’s font is large enough for you to read and drive without focusing too much on your smartphone screen. The Radar Beep application software is available in over 15 different languages.
Unfortunately, speed camera detection may take some time to detect nearby speed cameras, but it still gives you accuracy and even shows you the distance between the speed camera and your car.
There is an auto-start feature in the app that you can connect to Bluetooth. This means the moment your phone connects to the car’s Bluetooth, the app will launch automatically, and as soon as you disconnect the Bluetooth, the app will close.

      8. Police Detecto

This is a very popular radar detector that gives you accurate information about nearby police cars so you can avoid them. And this app is community based so users like to share information about nearby speed cameras to get detected.
What users do in this app is tap on Police or Radar options when they want to report a nearby police car or speed detection device so that other users can avoid them. Each reported unit places a mark at that location on the map for drivers to see.


This application software mainly takes care of navigation and alerts you at the same time when you are driving near a speed detector or a police car. Its functions are similar to Google Maps and Waze. It even tells you the current speed you’re driving at and warns you of the speed limit you should drive on a given road.

      10.Google Maps

You might be wondering why anyone would want to use Google Maps as a speed camera detection app. But Google Maps has so many features that you wouldn’t know if you hadn’t looked at them.
In the Google Maps software, there is a speed control alert function. When this feature is enabled, you can be alerted to police with quick guns. This feature was not originally on Google Maps, but the community stepped up and demanded that this feature be added.
Although it is now on Google Maps, the police have always opposed it.
Last words
The 10 best radar detector apps for Android and iOS have many advantages as well as some disadvantages, but you can still make good use of the app on the go at the right time.
Using this application software on your phone gives you an edge on the road as you can easily avoid problems such as police cars with speed guns, traffic, loss and other issues.
These apps have multiple features and functions that you can use simultaneously for safer driving on the road. Not only can you avoid speeding, but you’ll never have to worry about being late for a meeting or event again.

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