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GLOB: GPS, traffic, radar and speed limits

If you are one of those drivers who prioritize design and ease of use, Glob is the best speed camera detector app that has both features. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime because all you need is an iOS or Android smartphone.

Glob offers the latest car navigation and traffic information, giving you the best route possible. It also provides real-time alerts on driving hazards and speed cameras. Glob even does this while running in the background and, more impressively, in 2D and 3D maps. This allows you to get as much information about the area as you want.

The app also keeps track of what’s happening on the road while you’re driving. In this way, it simultaneously contributes to the Glob community: GPS, traffic, radar and speed limits, even when the application is running in the background.

Currently, more than three million drivers depend on and contribute to the app, which adds credibility to the community. It helps drivers find their way to work as well as accomplish their daily tasks. For those who go on road trips, it is reliable to have the Glob app.

functions and features

  • User-friendly design
  • Real-time alerts
  • Detect mobile and fixed speed cameras
  • Comes with biker mode and color blind mode
  • Monthly update to include new speed cameras

What can radar detectors do?

Radar detectors provide drivers with convenient and affordable protection that can avoid speeding tickets and other driving hazards.

They work by detecting specific signal frequencies and alerting you when those frequencies are present. They cannot accurately detect vehicles or police, only signals from the devices police officers typically use to track the speed of cars.

Some speed camera detectors are so advanced that they can track speed cameras.

smartphone apps

As smartphones have become a fixture in a person’s life, it is no surprise that people come up with the idea of ​​integrating a radar detector into a smartphone. While conventional radar detectors work perfectly fine, mobile apps have become increasingly popular.

Radar detector apps are now available for both Android and iOS platforms, and more and more people are choosing to download these services instead of shelling out big bucks for a radar detector. Usually, these radar detection apps notify you of the location of police officers in your area. This information is easily provided by other drivers using the app.

By the way, there are radar detectors that you can hide in your car and easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means that you can access all information from radar detectors effortlessly just by looking at your phone.

Keep in mind that smartphone compatible radar detectors are more accurate but end up costing you dearly.


All of the speed camera apps reviewed above have been shown to significantly reduce your chances of getting a driving ticket, but it’s incorrect to assume that since you have a speed camera app, now you have the freedom to accelerate easily. without any consequences.

As each of the radar detector apps focuses on using a smartphone, you are less likely to get a ticket compared to radar detectors that do not have the smartphone compatibility feature. But which app tells you where the cops are most accurately?

Among many traffic apps on Playstore and Appstore, Waze is the best speed camera detector app of 2020 as it provides comprehensive traffic information at no cost to the driver. If you’re a careful driver who rarely gets fined, Waze will be perfect for your driving needs without the need for a separate detection device.

Modern radar detectors have come a long way in terms of design and technology. In fact, radar detectors were first used only by the military for operational purposes. But today, radar detectors are affordable not only for officials, but also for individuals.

The Standard Radar Detector is ergonomically designed with the latest technology to include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone and GPS integration to give you maximum control while driving. These technological innovations in radar detection have made the detector easily available making it difficult to find the best police radar detector app that best suits your driving needs.


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