2 of The Best Radar Detector Application

  1. Escort Live – Best Radar Detector App 2020

Reliability, dependability and accuracy are the strengths of Escort Live. Exclusive to Escort radar detectors, this radar detector app guarantees a reliable source of information for real-time trap sightings on the go.

The app itself is easy to use and even connecting to an Escort Live compatible radar detector is simple. Simply tap on the Bluetooth icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, after which you will be asked to choose the radar detector you are using. It will then automatically connect and integrate data between your smartphone and the radar detector.

As for the screen, the Escort Live app has one of the most attractive interfaces we’ve seen. It displays detected law enforcement marks on the map, along with an easily visible on-screen overspeed warning.

In its most basic form, this speed camera detector app detects red light cameras and remembers false alarm locations for future trips. The app also provides speed limit information based on your location and automatically uploads live radar and laser data updates to its cloud server. The Escort Live app also offers top-notch accuracy mainly because it can collect data uploaded from different real drivers in a given area. With more users updating the app, the more accurate information each driver can get from it, especially to avoid police pitfalls on the road.

Although Escort Live is available for free, you can add more features by purchasing a premium subscription for $49 per year or $4.99 per month.


functions and features

  • Speed ​​camera alerts
  • Alerts from traffic control cameras
  • Data exchange on the ESCORT Live™ network
  • Exclusive Mark Location™ for companions triggers automatic reminders for marked threats
  • Real-time alerts from other app users in the area
  • Full suite of exclusive GPS features (speed limit data, vehicle speed, speed alerts, compass and directional data)
  1. Waze – Navigation app and police radar

If you need an app that supports dual function controller use, Waze is a good choice for iOS or Android smartphones. The concept of Waze is not unique, but it has eliminated the problem that most radar detection apps have, which is high battery consumption. This means that Waze won’t drain your smartphone battery and therefore leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Waze has a clean and basic user interface which makes it the best choice for drivers who value easy navigation. Also, it can work as a GPS navigation tool and radar detector app. Waze can also locate police weapons and speed cameras. This feature has become popular with many users, some even calling it the Cops-Near-Me app. Using GPS, Waze allows users to pinpoint the locations of parked police vehicles, traffic cameras, traffic jams, accidents, potholes, and more. This later notifies other drivers of radar detection apps when they are close to these positions.

Waze is a completely free speed camera app, so all you have to do is download it on your smartphone and you’re good to go. Of all the similar radar detector apps, Waze is the most affordable and also offers high accuracy. Thanks to it, you will receive real-time alerts about traffic jams, conversion restrictions, one-way roads, construction sites, accidents, dangers and police traps. As for safety, the app will detect your driving speed and alert you when you exceed the designated speed limit.

However, it is important to note that Waze does not come with a separate radar detector. It only works based on the information collected from your phone and the cloud.

Functions and Features:

  • Live traffic updates
  • Shows police locations
  • Accident alert, closed roads
  • Favorite routes from favorites
  • Location-based speed alerts

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