CamSam PLUS – Speed cameras: goodbye to speeding tickets

I was using the Android Copilot app, but it was getting on my nerves. I resisted as long as I could, but eventually lost my temper and resorted to Google Navigation, which worked great for me. Although it might not have as many features as other navigation apps, it’s reliable and so far I feel like it’s done everything it needed to.

Well, with the exception of the whole “Uh, I might issue a warning when a speed camera is approaching” that is, I don’t mean that my driving behavior is anything but exemplary, but …my wallet would be one. good enough people if an app warned me of speed cameras. This is where CamSam PLUS – Speed Cameras comes in: the app supposedly works as a speed camera and red light warning system. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Features and use

Test device: Dell Streak 5
Android Version: 2.2
Mode: Root

CamSam PLUS – Speed Camera provides an alert system that alerts users to speed cameras, and we found it to work really well in our testing!

According to the CamSam PLUS market description, the app has registered more than 47,000 cameras worldwide. Now, although I can’t check all speed cameras, I drove within a 50km radius and noticed that the app displayed correctly and warned me of all nearby speed cameras.
Warnings are issued for nearby speed cameras (displayed as a list) as well as when approaching one of them (displayed as a speed camera). Distances to cameras are displayed, giving users plenty of time to react accordingly and adjust their speed if necessary. Both options can be displayed separately or together.

During testing, I used Google Navigation and CamSam PLUS, and it worked great for me. If CamSam PLUS is running in the background, you will be notified of upcoming cameras within 500 meters. The app is equipped with voice commands, which means you don’t have to stare at the screen.

“Online mode” (which can be disabled if desired) displays mobile speed camera information every 5 minutes. This information is collected in part by CamSam PLUS users (you can report speed cameras if you wish). That said, the developers verify all information submitted by the user. Other sources of information (such as radio stations) are also used. These features are only available in the PLUS version of the app, not in the free version.

In fact, we literally experimented with the app, driving around and making sure it identified and issued correct warnings on all speed cameras within a 50km radius. CamSam PLUS performed very well in all respects.

I wish there was a proper map feature for the app, but I was told that the developers of CamSam PLUS are planning to release it before the end of the year.

Display and controls
CamSam PLUS – Speed Cameras is divided into three parts: “Radar” (upcoming speed cameras), “List” (all nearby speed cameras) and “Settings”. All three are accessible via buttons at the bottom of the screen. Switch to landscape mode to access “Split”, an option that displays the radar and the list simultaneously and can be activated/deactivated in the settings.

The settings house the following options:

Notify Mobile Cameras
Warn permanent speed cameras

-Update the database
Disable/enable online mode

alert volume
voice mail notification
GPS alerts

Split screen in landscape mode

Select a language (English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, French)

CamSam PLUS will easily return you to the view mode (Split, Radar or List) you were using.

The “List” displays all nearby speed cameras, including speed limits and distance information to each speed camera. The direction of speed cameras is indicated by pointing arrows.

‘Radar’ shows the most imminent speed cameras. The distance is indicated by five bars that increase over the last 500 meters. Voicemail prompts are also played (can be disabled in settings).

As mentioned, “Split” lets you keep an eye on the roster and radar; this display mode worked very well on the Dell Streak which is 5 inches.

I am very impressed with CamSam PLUS in this overall category. The app is very easy to use.

speed and stability

CamSam PLUS – Radar worked very smoothly and efficiently on the Dell Streak 5 with no crashes or lags. GPS detection was also very fast.

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