Apps PLUS Bewertung 2022

The PLUS app impresses with its large community and the fact that it is always present thanks to its installation on your smartphone.

1. Benefits

The web application is purchased once on Apple, Google or Amazon PlayStore for 4.99 euros and then the 18.6 MB can be downloaded to the mobile. The application range is 100-150m. Gives an audible warning signal when approaching danger points in the possible languages

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

The application consumes the energy of the smartphone, but can be recharged with an adapter via the cigarette lighter. Compared to radar detectors, you can use a separate bracket to attach your cell phone to the windshield or a fan to the console.

2. Handling

As an app, only a one-time download fee is required to join the large community of over 4 million PLUS users. Each of these users can report danger points on their own, and therefore the maps in the application are constantly updated. The app itself updates every 5 minutes looking for mobile speed cameras so the driver is not caught off guard.

To use the app, it is recommended to have internet access for constant updates, but those without a plan can also use the app in offline mode. The app also needs access to the smartphone’s internal GPS to provide the correct data. When in use, the app can completely cover the screen or you can place it as a smaller window above navigation apps like Google Maps or its iOS counterpart.

3. Experiments

The 898 reviews on Amazon generated a wide variety of app experiences in the PLUS personal test. When using it, it is important to take into account the reception of cells, that the volume is not too low, and also that the structure of the cards by such a large community can guarantee the existence of incorrect information.

There are buyer reviews in the PLUS personal test that the Amazon AppStore must be available on the device after purchasing the app to launch it.

4. Conclusion: always with you

The PLUS app is a handy alternative to radar detectors, but with some weaknesses. That’s why it received 4.4 stars out of a possible 5.0 from users in the PLUS personal test.


The application visually and acoustically warns of fixed and mobile speed cameras, accidents, traffic jams, works and other dangers on your route. It also works in the background.

Each hazard is symbolized by a designated sign. Stars indicate the rating of that specific hazard by other users.


Thanks to your smartphone’s Internet connection, the application is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

Your application receives new data from our servers every 5 minutes. We make sure you are always up to date.


Join us and be part of the CamSam community.

We are already more than 5 million.

Report of speed cameras and dangers not yet recorded. Along the way, evaluate the reports of others.

Benefit from the stories of others and contribute yourself.


Receive only the alerts you want. Choose your favorite alerts in the settings.

Alerts are given as voice prompts or acoustic beeps, as desired.

Activate additional vibrations when riding a motorcycle or prefer to leave your mobile phone in your pocket.


Camsam PLUS identifies your car’s Bluetooth and starts automatically. When you turn off the ignition, it stops.



Via Bluetooth, the app sends alerts directly to your car’s hi-fi system. This way it alerts you even in the background, for example. during a phone call.


Use the app in thumbnail size when using other apps. The mini app is available in six sizes: small, medium and large combined with portrait and landscape modes. It floats above other apps, which you can also use.

Vary the transparency of the application and find the desired visibility.


Dark mode reduces the application to its most important features and has a very simple design. Less distraction while driving.

Alternatively, the green arrows can be replaced with a photo from your own gallery.

To Download it:


for iOS :


For Android :

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